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Working at Multis - Use Clojure to Build the Best Crypto Wallet

Mihaela Popa

29 Jul 2021


4 min read

Working at Multis - Use Clojure to Build the Best Crypto Wallet
  • Clojure

Multis (YC19) is a French startup, founded in 2019, building a best-in-class business wallet for crypto-native companies who want to professionalize their treasury management in digital and traditional currencies.

At Multis, they believe that digital currency will birth an open financial system and support billions of entrepreneurs worldwide through instant payment networks and inclusive financial services. Their goal is to be businesses' financial OS and provide them with services and tools they'll need along their way.


After going through a shift in direction, it seems like this past year has been a defining one for Multis, who after a thorough research process, have started building a wallet that solves the very real problem of business operations in crypto. How are they doing it?

By integrating spending features:

  • An automated payment workflow where users can set spending limits and get payments confirmed by the right people on time,
  • The ability to make bulk payments and recurring payments,
  • A USD and EUR account that allows users to go from crypto to fiat seamlessly.

Including tracking features:

  • They've created a wallet that is BTC and ETH compatible and allows users to upload all company wallets and track spending.
  • Their holistic dashboard shows your company's digital assets and transaction history all in one place.
  • They track complex DeFi protocols and provide a banking-like transaction history that adds up.
  • Users can monitor the financial performance of all currencies across all wallets
  • Labels make it easy to categorize expenses for easy automated reporting.

Taking into account bookkeeping:

  • Users can give their accountant reading rights which saves time on getting an accountant up to speed.
  • All data can be exported as a CSV
  • They are currently at work on an integration with Quickbooks and Xero accounting softwares.


Tech stack

  • Clojure Script
  • Solidity (Ethereum smart contracts)
  • Firebase

We recently spoke with Kim Godson, responsible for Operations at Multis, for more details about the company’s tech challenges, their team and culture.

First, let us know what prompted you to choose Clojure?

We decided to choose Clojure and ClojureScript because we believe functional programming provides a safe environment to innovate and iterate on our product with better modularity, maintainability, and less redundancy. ClojureScript, in particular, is very powerful, immutable, and dynamic with an expressive but compact language and supporting interactive development (through REPL).

ClojureScript is also very adapted to blockchain development through its interoperability with JavaScript and the Node ecosystem.

Finally, the reactive framework re-frame is very well suited to blockchain development combining reactive programming, functional programming, and immutable data.

What are some tech challenges you are currently working on?

We’re currently trying to:

  • Offer a high-level abstraction and integration between many types of "accounts" whether it's a traditional fiat or cryptocurrency account.
  • Build a consistent and secure multi-user experience to manage funds.
  • Scale our business wallet while exploring technologies that solve Blockchain scalability issues (Layer2, sidechain, rollups, etc.)

How would you describe Multis’ culture?

The cornerstones of the Multis culture are:

Passion: At Multis, we are passionate people shaping an open world. We believe in accessibility and transparency. Speaking of which, I would be remiss if I did not mention that in the near future, we want to be able to pay salaries and bonuses in crypto.

Collaboration: We're team players and think that collaboration will help us build a successful product. We celebrate our victories, share mistakes, look for solutions together, and support each other.

Experimentation: At Multis, we read and experiment a lot to be able to reach our objective : help businesses access and leverage an Open Financial system. To this end, we encourage people to go to conferences, we are happy to offer MOOC time and workshops and we give the opportunity to everyone in the team to get a new book every month.

Ambition: At Multis, we want to shake up the finance world. We are all A-Players who want to change the way business banking is done nowadays and to create a more inclusive and transparent financial system.


Guilherme Devincenzi, who recently joined Multis as a Software Engineer definitely agrees.

“Since joining, I've had the incredibly pleasant experience of being encouraged by my teammates to collaborate with a real treasure trove of a knowledge base: to write about my onboarding experience, contribute with tech discovery essays and get to know everything about Multis and how it works."

"The onboarding experience had me touch the code base little by little, contributing with small but important improvements while I got to know both the code and the rituals around how things are done.

The company's culture fascinated me from day one: not only the organization (yeah, big fan), but also the passion, the emphasis on learning and collaboration, the friendliness and openness made a huge impact on me.

It has only been a week, but I already feel relaxed around everyone: they've been extremely helpful and encouraged me to discuss, share and learn with each other - which is perfect, given the complex environment Multis operates in.” You can read more about his experience here.

How would you describe the dev team at Multis?

The CTO, Greg, usually describes the dev team as a place to

  • collaborate and work on solving complex problems,
  • constantly learn from the others,
  • cultivate curiosity and passion,
  • become an expert in Blockchain technologies!

The team is also remote-friendly and throws "cryptoffs" (offsites) in Europe to gather the team around goals and have fun together — so far they've been to the Alps, the Canary Islands, and Berlin!


What’s the interview process like?

Our process:

  • An introductory call
  • A case study with ClojureScript and Solidity
  • A peer programming session with our CTO
  • An in depth interview with Thibaut (CEO) and Greg (CTO),
  • Reference calls


What are some traits that would make someone successful at Multis?

  • Being a quick learner and hard worker
  • Being a team player
  • Being able to adapt
  • Being passionate about blockchain
  • and knowing how to relax

They definitely seem like a great bunch with much passion for what they do. The good news is - they are hiring! Take a look at Multis’ open roles here and apply to join the team!

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